Our weekly gathering, Breakpoint, is designed for both middle and high school students where they can come to a safe place to experience a time of fellowship, fun, music, high-energy games, teaching, as well as the opportunity to interact through small group discussion. 

Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm

Breakpoint is on break for the summer. See you August 28!

upcoming series

Here is what we are teaching...

  • back 2 breakpoint bash!

    Get the year started off right with our back to Breakpoint bash! We'll have lots of great food, fun games, and time to hang out. Invite a friend!

  • real friends - September 4th-18th

    Friends—we’ve all got them. But are your friends influencing your life for better or for worse? In this series, we’ll look not only at the qualities we all want in good friends, but also the qualities that can help us be good friends. Because the right kind of friends—the real kind—are the best kind. 

  • Rhythm - September 25th-October 23rd

    For most of us, when we hear the word “worship,” we think about singing songs at church. But could there be more to worship than just music and words on a screen? In this series, we’ll find out what it looks like to worship God with our whole lives. As we do, we’ll see that when we find the right rhythm to our worship, we’ll also find ourselves walking in better rhythm with the God we’re worshiping.